The Secondary Horse Market - Internet Sales - There is No Difference Here

There's a reason we hate broker owned programs.  Kill buyers and unscrupulous partners profit from these poor creatures.  Horses disappear.  Sometimes, they reappear on other BO lots and then there's lots of finger pointing between the adversaries.  How many times have we seen that in the last few months?  Well intentioned people lose their money and have their hearts broken.  In a world where real rescuers should unite, we've got a group of bottom feeders sucking the donors dry.

And then it happens again.  Horses very much wanted and paid for "go missing."

It's been stated that such great relationships have been forged  with these kill buyers, how could such a thing happen?

Troubling news, folks. The horses we network are kept at a layover barn separate from the rest of the horses the KB buys. When he went to fetch them this evening ready to take them to New Holland tomorrow morning (for transfer to their new owners), the TB and STB (the last 2 standing) were not there. He believes they were stolen. The person who bailed them has been refunded (though if the horses are subsequently located in his main pen we'll let the buyer know). Meanwhile we will be at New Holland tomorrow as planned to hand over the two pintos and the hinny to their new owners (the Walker Twins already went home).

That upstanding citizen, Mr. Rotz wouldn’t have even bought these two horses if he didn’t have a great marketing team to dispose of them.  They are skinny, “not of good flesh,” and one is a Thoroughbred, which Richelieu Slaughter House has vehemently said they don’t want.

(A few excerpts from the article):

the plant advises all his suppliers to not BUY those thoroughbred[s] and overall not have them ship to us. . . . For us, thoroughbred[s] are definitely banned from our premises.”

Asked whether Richelieu had told him to stop buying Thoroughbreds on the company’s behalf, supplier Bruce Rotz of Shippensburg, Pa., said: “They did. I buy horses for them. We never did bring them too many Thoroughbreds. We tried to stay away from them. They’re just aggravation.

Richelieu supplier Rotz says anti-slaughter advocates, not Canadian regulations, were his biggest headache in buying Thoroughbreds for slaughter.  “I had a lot of hassle with it,” he added. “I don’t even want one [a Thoroughbred] on my premises.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to know that before the secondary market was created, Rotz wouldn’t have even bid on these horses.  Now they are missing and the people who planned to adopt them are probably heartbroken.  And this isn't the first time it's happened.  Here's another post from a commenter:

Bill N Kelly Parmenter Isn't this the SECOND time this has happened? I remember this happening with the Leopard Appy and a few other horses that week that were " lost "............this is unacceptable! The people responsible for these horses and their sales have a duty to the buyers. If they can't take that responsibility then they shouldn't be in business!

Just a short time ago Bruce didn’t even want a Thoroughbred on his premises.  Sadly, all that has changed.

This happened over a week ago.  Requests for updates have gone unanswered.

These broker owned horses are nothing more than a commodity and money maker for the brokers and their partners. 

We hope the horses are safe, somewhere.

The final disclaimer: " aside from the fact that the item for sale is an animal, it is no different than if you buy something on Amazon only to later find it is backordered or sold out and they can't get more... they refund you. There is no difference here."


  1. Where is the police report for stolen horses?

  2. SD just showed her true colors with that last comment