Over 7760 Dead Horses Walking - Thank You, Bruce Rotz and Company


We requested the shipping documents required for a load of horses to ship to slaughter in any country outside the US that were consigned by Bruce Rotz of Shippensburg, PA.  The form itself is called a VS 10 13 and shows all the horses on the load, their breed, color and gender.  Our request was for the most current six months of information, but we received paperwork from the beginning of 2012 until the first quarter of 2013.  Note some of the pages are redundant and have been scanned twice.  You can keep track by the hip numbers of the ones that are scanned twice.

All of the paperwork shows Rotz’s horses shipping to Richelieu Viande in Massueville, Quebec, Canada.  It has been stated numerous times that Rotz ships to Mexico, but this paperwork proves otherwise.  If he is sending any horses all the way to Mexico, someone else is consigning them.  Don’t let anyone tell you Mexico doesn’t require paperwork.  That simply isn’t the truth.  All horses are inspected by an independent vet and then a USDA vet prior to shipping, and there is a form for each individual horse, as well as the documents for each load that we’ve provided at the above link for your education.

The crushing part of this story is over 7700 equine souls perished in the slaughterhouse.  Every one of the horses on these documents drew breath until Bruce Rotz sent them to a horrible death.  It’s chilling to consider as you peruse these documents.  It’s a vicious kick to the stomach and horrible ache to the heart.

Quarter horses are far and away the most documented horses he ships.  Standardbreds are second, with a number of Haflingers thrown in.  It all makes sense – horses with a good flesh to bone ratio, guaranteeing the best meat yield.

There were roughly 277 loads documented.  They held anywhere from 27 to 32 horses.
Out of 560 pages of documentation and over 7760 horses, we found two, yes, only two ponies listed as shipping.  

Minis don’t ship!  Think logically.  If you loaded minis with horses, they’d be trampled, there’d be blood everywhere, causing the other horses to slip and fall, potentially ruining an entire load.  And, as the USDA explained to us, minis simply don’t produce enough of a meat yield to utilize.

Out of 7700 horses, less than 90 were grays, less than 75 were mules and less than 80 were drafts.  Adding the grays, drafts and mules together only amounts to 3% of the horses shipped.

In some cases the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) logged and stamped the forms, but in many cases they did not.  We have found this is typical of all the forms for other KBs we’ve looked at as well.  Also, some lack dates.

Read it and weep.  Weep for the lost horses that this POS human sent to their deaths.  Call your legislators and implore them to support the SAFE Act.  Let’s bring an end to the dead horses walking.


  1. Not shocked at who did it. He used to be a class B dealer in animals for research. That meant he'd take 'random source' dogs from whomever he could get them from and sell them for research purposes. I personally have heard of at least two people who admitted to stealing dogs to sell to him. He's a horrible person. May I please be the one driving the karma bus when it's his turn?

  2. What really gets me is that the people who follow the broker programs (Sundew, AC$H, ect) do not think rationally about candidates for slaughter. Looking at AC4H this week for example - there are SO MANY minis and ponies and mini mules. No one is going to ship those to slaughter!!! It just doesn't make sense, they'd be trampled in the trailers and to slaughter such a small horse wouldn't be worth the expenses incurred by the slaughterhouses. They don't have the meat on them to make a profit. Yet people do not realize this. At least half of the horses they have up that "desperately need to be saved / the truck is coming / yadda yadda" would not be shipped by any kill buyer. Just needed an outlet for a vent. It really rattles my cage.

  3. So let me get this straight so all of you think bruce is such a bad guy well lets get some things straight i know bruce and he dont like you he just dont like you and if anything he pretty much puts horses outta their pain so if anything you should thank him for not only putting the horses outta pain so i am gonna get a whole bunch of comments about this so sorry but thats the truth.

  4. So, Rebecca, you are saying all the horses Rotz is selling are injured/sick/debilitated?

  5. We, many rescue organization and hopefully me, helped save a horse I bred years ago because the Amish owners and this man only see money, not the care and love that was put into developing an animal. THEY ARE NOT JUST A COMMODITY. Someone had dreams and loved them.

  6. Rebecca ...you ignorant slut