A Brilliant, Indecent Proposal to the Broker and Placement Programs

We've asserted on many occasions that the horses being sold by the broker and placement programs are unlikely candidates for the slaughterhouse and that the brokers are buying resale horses to supplement both their income and their partner's incomes.

The broker's partners have all screamed foul.  Of course these horses are slaughter bound, they say.

Well, finally, someone stood up and asked the right question.  She posted a comment to one of the "program" pages.  It, of course, went unanswered.

The paperwork that must accompany these horses to slaughter, do each of these horses that are for sale here, have that paperwork. Perhaps for those of us with some doubt, you could get a photograph of that paperwork when you are there photographing the horses. I for one know that I'd be more apt to take a horse from one of these programs if I knew for sure they were really shipping tomorrow.....and so would many others who doubt the reality that these actually horses are getting shipped. At least they are not all lame, grey, pregnant, blind. etc.....

What a fantastic idea!  If these horses really are going to slaughter, they need to have an accompanying form from the owner, confirming they are the owner, asking if the horse has had any drugs or vaccines in the past 180 days, been diagnosed with any illnesses, and if the horse has been given any substances prohibited from use in food processing.

For Canada bound horses there is the owner declaration: "As the owner of the animal identified on this document I hereby certify that the information in this EID is accurate and complete.  I understand that, effective July 31, 2010 at least six months of documented acceptable history is required for an equine presented for processing in an establishemnt inspected by CFIA."  The Mexican form is similar - same questions - and ends with a statement "I declare as the owner or the owner's agent the information provided in this form and the attached documents to be correct and given in good faith."

Both forms require name, signature, and date.  (included below are links to all the forms).

So, Programs and Placements, Show Us The Paperwork!  You've got time to travel to your broker partners place of business, video tape and photograph, it shouldn't take but a moment more to photograph the EID so that your donators and supporters know that these horses really do have paperwork that permit them to be sent to slaughter.  We won't mention at this moment that two veterinarians still have to sign off on the horse before it can be shipped, we just want to see the paperwork and know it really, really exists.  And of course you can redact the owner's name so they don't receive any nastygrams.  (redact: to obscure or remove (text) from a document prior to publication or release.)

Show Us The Paperwork!


EID forms:

This one must be filled out for a horse going to slaughter in Canada:


This one must be filled out for a horse going to slaughter in Mexico:


Here are detailed instructions on filling out the forms.  Must be in BLUE ink!


Further confirmation for the doubting Thomases of the world:


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