More Horses That Were Very Likely Not Going to Ship To Slaughter

Stallions are an issue.  According to APHIS they need to be treated differently:

  • Separate stallions and other aggressive horses from the rest of the shipment.
http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/animal_dis_spec/horses/horse_transport.shtml )

Factor in the fact that he's only 15 hands and quite thin as well, and you've got a prime candidate for a broker program.  Grimly, if butchered this horse would not yield a lot of meat.  Sorry, but that's the painful, brutal reality.

Then there's this tiny, skinny mini.  Pulled from the kill pen, not.  But the dealer was smart enough to buy her knowing someone would buy the story.

We're happy these horses are out of the auction pipeline (at least for now) but come on, rescue horses that are really in danger of shipping, please!

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  1. I only hope that whoever recieved these horses do the responsible thing and geld them, the world does not need any more grade horses appearing in the circut.