Miniature Horses Rescued From Kill Buyers. Seriously?

In a recent interview with a USDA-APHIS office, we had the opportunity to speak with an employee who was on site at the DeKalb, Illinois horse slaughter house.  He assured us that in all his years of overseeing the horses delivered to the slaughter plant, he only witnessed one mini brought in for slaughter, and noted it was turned away as unfit for killing.

He went on to explain that it is an arduous task to butcher an animal, be it “horse or cow.”  That’s not difficult to understand.  He went on to say that it simply isn’t feasible to butcher minis; there would be no profit in it.

(Stay tuned for a full write-up on the interviews with the APHIS employees.  It will be quite educational!  We are following up with local USDA offices for additional information that pertains to New Holland area kill buyers and their activities.  As soon as we have all the research we will share.)

Minis are cute and the babies are so adorable.  But when these folks tell you they are rescuing them from the kill buyers, they are sadly twisting the truth.  If a kill buyer was truly bidding on these minis, it was so he and his partners could profit off of them through their own broker owned program.

Note the comment:

"Kill buyers are businessmen, ladies"

Yep, they sure are and they recognize there's a sucker born every second.


  1. Yes mini's are not worth slaughtering for consumption but i have talked to a buyer that sends them for products that said if there was a small space they would shove the mini's and or ponies in.. Now if he was just pulling my leg I do not know..

  2. He was lying. Think about it Amy. If you put a mini in with large equines it's going to get trampled. There will be blood everywhere and other horses will fall and get hurt. That would be a recipe for disaster and certainly cost the buyer money. Sometimes you just have to think these things through.