Home For Horses Apparently Subject to "Pressure," Abandons Their Very Mission

We published this blog in late April with factual information provided to us by the Homes for Horses Coalition:

Confirmation was received yesterday from the Homes for Horses Coalition that Omega Horse Rescue and Another Chance 4 Horses have been removed from their member list.  The Coordinator noted that she takes the reputation of the coalition very seriously and has been working to remove rescues that are not doing legitimate, quality horse rescue work.  This action was taken as the result of feedback from a number of sources and over 30 organizations have been removed from the coalition in the last few months.

From the Homes For Horses website:

“The Homes for Horses Coalition is dedicated to advancing the highest operating standards for equine rescue and retirement facilities. Not only does this mean providing quality animal care but it also covers sound financial and management practices.”

Update, May, 2013.

Both rescues were indeed removed from the Homes for Horses Coalition list immediately after several advocates, some of whom add input to the coalition spoke with the coordinator.  However, within a few days Omega appeared back on the list.  And we immediately contacted the coordinator to ask why the change in heart.  Evidence was presented showing behavior counter-intuitive to "legitimate, quality horse rescue work" had occurred, not the least of which is the admission by Omega that they work with Bruce Rotz, known kill buyer.

For a reason unknown, Omega was placed back on the Coalition list.  One could speculate all day as to why that happened.

What we can say is that the criteria used by Homes For Horses is apparently worthless.   

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  1. Thank you for keeping on top of bad "rescues"