Kill Buyers and Disreputable Rescues Partner to Sell Horses Unfit to Go to Slaughter at Great Profit

A few posts ago I shared a picture of a damaged and in pain Clydesdale that was bought for $50 at Middleburg auction and being sold in a partnership between AC4H and Brian Moore.

Again I ask...why would a person who puts themselves out there as a rescue and lover of horses line the pockets of a man who makes a living off of killing them?

Well, here's another good example.

This poor, skinny old boy was bought by Bruce Rotz who "works" with Kelly Smith (her description of their relationship) of Omega for sale to the bleeding heart, uninformed women with money in their pockets.  In the past, Rotz would have shot this horse, but he and Kelly were quick to take a note from the other broker programs and they saw the dollar signs.

Rotz, Moore, Beam, Andio....they are all laughing all the way to the bank.  

I don't know how much money Kelly and Bruce made off this poor old boy.  I hope he found a soft landing.  At least he's not one of the horses that the flippers would have stepped up for as so often happens in these "broker owned programs."  But I do know $450 was made on the Clydesdale, split in some fashion between Sheidy and Moore, and certainly Moore was able to purchase additional horses that he will make money off of, dead or alive.

When will people figure it out?  We, and others are just going to keep telling you and telling you, until this ridiculous cycle ends.  A real rescue and a kill buyer should not be doing business routinely!

So, in the interest of being fair, since Tornado Country Lady blog shared pics of Brian and Chuckie and Phil, I'll share some pics of Bruce and his son.

(And as an aside...that picture of Chuckie Beam, with the "lights are on but nobody's home" look on his face and the priceless t-shirt was beyond amusing. (Those pics can be viewed here:  http://tornadocountrylady.blogspot.com/2013/04/look-at-what-cat-dragged-in.html)

This is the esteemed kill buyer, Bruce Rotz.

And isn't is just lovely to see Bruce's son riding?


  1. Yes, excellent piece about a facit of horse slaughter too few people know about.

    1. You may believe all of this ,however they did not mention anything about the Rotz family reselling horses that are able to be used for something they don't all go for slaughter. They make the family out to be horrible people when they're not. Maybe they're not doing something that they agree with but that's life. They're trying to make a living just like everyone else in life.

    2. If you make a living sending horses to their death, and the Rotz family certainly does, then you are beyond horrible, you are pure evil. End of discussion.

    3. And if you partner with those kill buyers, you are just as despicable.

  2. How about taking your own photos instead of steeling them? Maybe then your piece will seem more reliable to those who know the truth about their family.

  3. How about if you learn how to use spell check?

  4. Nice one Cody, glad to see that high school education has paid off for you. I am sure that I have dictionary you may borrow.

  5. This blog sure got Kelly Smith's panties in a bunch.

  6. The bad guys are feeling the heat. I am seeing more and more comments by them justifying the sordid biz.

  7. Anonymous5/22/2013

    After letting 30 horses burn to death in Binghamton, NY due to his negligent care of his diesel truck fuel tank that started the fire Bruce Rotz has been put on the map as a Kill Buyer to all. Now his name is well known and many horse lover. Sadly, many in this country have blood on their hands he is just one of them.

  8. I know people who buy from kill buyers for a low price then adopt the equines out, but they make no profit. Not all who deal with KBs are bad, but all KBs are! They are constantly abusing and dumping equines. Horrible people who will do ANYTHING to make a dollar!

  9. Yes, including the horrible people who sell the horses for the kill buyers. And we're not buying the "no profit" thing, either.