The Roach Backed Clyde - A Win for the Horse - A Win for the Broker and A Win for AC4H

Remember the emaciated Clyde with the severe back problem being marketed by AC4H?  A horse that could not have shipped to slaughter in the shape he was in, but AC4H still managed to get $500 for him?  This is a horse that had been bought for $50 at the Middleburg auction.  Moore and Sheidy got a really nice mark up on a horse that clearly needed physical help desperately. 

Well, the good news is that he was taken in by a Pig Sanctuary and is doing well.  Tuesday he was taken to New Bolton and this is the update that was posted afterwards:

Chief went to New Bolton! Cindy from his QT barn did a wonderful job taking photos and telling the story of his adventure! Overall great news and report from the specialists! He still has a touch of pneumonia that we need to clear up, had his horrible feet trimmed, and is severely emaciated, but ALL things we can fix! He is alert, happy and pain-free! He needs to go back in two weeks or so for one more hoof trim & follow-up bloodwork with the specialist and then hopefully by mid-May, he'll be on his way home to PIGS! Thank you to everyone who has rooted for him & helped us help him! [pics were here, which this blog elected not to include]  Tom leads him to the trailer, he still has nasal discharged, but no where near what he had when he first arrived with a fever of 104.5 !
During the original evaluation process, he was clearly in major discomfort.   AC4H had him ridden and briefly posted the picture. It was very painful to watch. They quickly realized their mistake and took the picture down, although I bet there’s a screen shot of it out there somewhere.
He arrived at the QT barn with a temperature of 104.5.  That didn’t happen between the time he left Moore’s lot, was transported to pick-up and arrived at the QT barn.  Neither did the severe emaciation, pneumonia, elf-shoe hooves or the roach back (roach back - as diagnosed by two different vets the sanctuary has had check him).
The PA Anti-cruelty law clearly states that withholding vet care is an offense, as well as selling or offering for sale a disabled horse:
§ 5511. Cruelty to animals

(c) Cruelty to animals.--A person commits a summary offense if he wantonly or cruelly ill treats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal's body heat and keep it dry. This subsection shall not apply to activity undertaken in normal agricultural operation.
(d) Selling or using disabled horse.--A person commits a summary offense if he offers for sale or sells any horse, which by reason of debility, disease or lameness, or for other cause, could not be worked or used without violating the laws against cruelty to animals, or leads, rides, drives or transports any such horse for any purpose, except that of conveying the horse to the nearest available appropriate facility for its humane keeping or destruction or for medical or surgical treatment. 

Ironically enough, AC4H has the statutes posted on their website.  


All that being said, why do the authorities continue to turn a blind eye to these animals in need?  Why do Moore and AC4H keep getting a free pass?  And it’s not just them, we can easily show (and have) other sick/injured/debilitated horses that these placement programs are selling for the kill buyers.  It happens regularly and not just with the Jonestown/Bernville connection.

I’m happy this Clyde – now named Chief – is being cared for and has a good prognosis.  Bless his heart and may he live to be a happy old boy.  And thank you so much to the rescue that is making it happen for him.

But you have to keep in the back of your mind that this horse should have been given vet care way before he was.  Someone owned him and sold him at Middleburg auction.  He absolutely should have been no-saled.  Moore bought him and withheld vet care.  A “rescue” markets him and sells him for $450 over what he sold for in Middleburg.  And the real kicker is that he could NOT have been shipped to slaughter in this condition.

The never ending free passes for these offenses simply encourage more of it to happen.  And once again, the activity results in a cash payoff for both broker and “rescue.”

And this again reinforces the fact that these kill buyers are buying horses they know cannot be sold for slaughter because they have marketers who will say “they are kill buyer owned” and naïve people will donate money to bail them.  Kind but naïve hearts have created a whole new market and revenue stream for these unscrupulous brokers and their affiliated “programs.”

I’m sure those who support these offenders will shout all that matters is that the horse was saved!

Is it really fine with you that he suffered for a length of time and that numerous people ignored his suffering until sufficient profit was wrung out of him?  It is really okay that the wool is being pulled over so many eyes?


  1. Well, WOW. Thank you for rescuing him and helping him. He got what he should have been given all along - love and care. It is particularly heartening that Chief is not in pain. AC4H is despicable. Neglect of any animal dependent upon a human should be a crime.

  2. I'm so happy that this horse is being taken care of properly. What is happening with the FBI investigation against ACFH? Please keep us informed--if you can.. So much gets swept under the carpet.

  3. Agreed, Arlene! Poor thing was exploited but he is in good hands now. As far as the investigation goes, word on the street is that the FBI's request for additional victims to come forward was so overwhelming that additional investigators have been put on the case. It will probably take some to document these new complaints as well as going through the hard drives, phones and files that were confiscated. Karma is coming, slowly but surely.