Yet Another Example of Why These Programs So Often Fail, and It's the Horse Who Pays

A good example of why these "programs" are so flawed.  A Camelot grad that now is isn't working out.  I hope this poor horse finds a soft landing, but what are the odds?

For more information about Zephyr contact: Megan McCarron

Her phone number:

Her email address:
 Horse's Name:

Horse's age:

Horse's Breed:
Belgian Cross

Where your horse is located.
Harrisburg, PA

Description of your horse:
7 year old Belgian Cross gelding. Obtained at Camelot Auction in Cranberry, NJ at the end of September 2012. Originated from New Holland auction in PA. Believed to be an Amish horse.

Issues with your horse:
Zephyr is young, green and a bit 'spooky'. Recently we have learned from a vet visit that he is suffering from Uveitis, has only partial vision and will go completely blind in the next couple of years. He is not mean or aggressive to people, but is unsure of them and is a bit nervous. Seems to have had limited contact with people prior to coming to me.

Why you are looking for a new home for your horse?
Due to his condition, and the fact that he is not trained, or has had very limited training, he is a safety risk at his current farm as it is an eductional and lesson facility for youth.

Health status including vaccinations:
Coggins came back clean. Vert confirmed he is healthy other than the Uveitis

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  1. Yeah he's just what everyone is looking for. Sometimes the best thing is to just put them down.