Another Horror Story Involving the Broker Owned Program Run By AC4H

This is yet another cautionary tale about how broker owned programs exploit innocent victims and protect the guilty.

A starving filly shows up on the AC4H BO page.  She is identified and one of the AC4H horse helpers emails her former breeder, who immediately wants to rescue his horse.  When the filly is picked up, she looks worse than the pictures they'd been sent.  The breeders proceed to get a major run around and evasionary tactics from Christy Sheidy who is totally protecting Brian and Jen Moore, among others.

Please click on this link and read the whole story of Double The Love's rescue:


Read this conclusion to this article carefully and think about it if you are a fence sitter.  The points made are astute and the same points this blog group has been making time and again.  And it's not just AC4H, it's every "program" and "placement" group exploiting horses, emptying wallets and breaking hearts:

End of email communication from her [Christy Sheidy] she did not answer any more. As you can read I could not get a direct answer to any of my questions so I called her. I was not confrontational even though my research of this organization made me quite suspicious but she continued to avoid answering my questions and would not tell me who she got the filly from. Her excuses were far from reasonable or believable. They charged us in total $500 to get her. Obviously from looking at the photos the person who had this filly had no intentions of transporting her to a slaughter house in Canada or Mexico. But rather play to us and other “bleeding hearts” via the internet. A pitiful looking horse has a far better chance of being adopted for money then a fat and happy looking one. My research seems to show that there are many “rescue, adoption” people out there utilizing this method. I would like to believe that many are worthy but I have a feeling many are not. And if you do the math they can make a very good living at this.
I have not passed judgment on this organization. But my communications with its co-founder and the numerous derogatory information that can be found has made me highly suspicious. It cost around $3.50 a day to feed 6 lbs of quality feed and 15 lbs of decent hay a day to look after a 1000 lbs horse. So, $500 will feed a horse for almost 5 months.
The “pick up” facility is a ramshackle “barn” that at the time was being expanded, I guess business is good, located on grounds of basically a junk yard. No turn out or even grass to graze a horse. So, the question is; are these sort of organizations really doing “good” in the end or are they just “enablers” for those who did this to this filly in only 4 months? Conversely are we doing the same by paying “blood” money?

Thank you, Gum Shoe Stables, for sharing the story of Double the  Love and thank you for taking her home and making her whole again.

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