Animals Angels Helps Reveal the Vicious Cycle of Auction to Broker

We are so appreciative of the work Animals Angels does.  In February they did an undercover investigation of Mel Hoover's auction on a very cold day.

Bruce Rotz was there as well as Chuck Beam, who purchases horse for Brian Moore.  And we know all too well the "rescues" who are marketing Moore and Rotz's horses.


Read it and weep.  This is what horses who end up in the auction house are subjected to time and time again.

Again, we ask, where are the authorities when this is going on?  Why isn't someone enforcing the PA Anti-cruelty laws?  Here's a horse with open strangles which is a highly contagious disease (and can be fatal) standing in a barn full of other horses that were dispersed to points unknown.  The horse is  in distress and needs antibiotics at a minimum.

Wonder how many horses that poor horse infected?  Because anyone who touched that horse, or touched anything he touched, walked through his dripping pus could so easily have passed it on to other horses in that barn or taken it home to their own horses.  Anyone who does proper quarantine knows the importance of biosecurity in barns where horses are brought together from many different places.  Do you think the barn was properly sanitized after the sale?  Do you think any of these barns practice biosecurity measures?

Here is another investigation of Mel's auction from last summer.  More of the same ugliness:


No consideration for any of the horses or other animals involved.  It's so painful to contemplate.

Two investigations into New Holland Sales Stable last summer.  Same players, add Jesse Austin (Cedar Ridge) to the mix.



This is a vicious circle for the animals caught up in it.  They are treated like trash in these auction houses.  The meat men circle like vultures and buy the cheap and healthy horses they can turn into meat and look for horses their marketers can sell that aren't worthy of shipping to slaughter.  The opportunistic "rescues" post out the horses designated for them to resell.

It would be hoped that you will think long and hard about supporting the people who are part of this process that so cruelly and compassionlessly exploits our horses.


  1. I love your blog I wish other people could see the damage the opportunistic rescues are doign to the horses. The feedlot killpen rescues are disgusting cons

  2. So true, bitty. You can also find interesting discussion about this blog on Facebook at


  3. Being new to all of this, I just purchased 2 horses from a killlot not knowing any of this until 3 days after. I watched a few things on "https://www.facebook.com/groups/ColoradoMiracleFeedlotRescue/355338628139087/?comment_id=359165664423050&notif_t=like&notif_id=1477420295212477" that disturbed me. So I am investigating & DO NOT LIKE what I'm finding! I was directed to a group here in Colorado on facebook "https://www.facebook.com/groups/858290587608186/" I sugested instead of complaining do something about it. My suggestions as a person very new to what is happening were exactly what you have said here! I feel pretty good that I came to the same conclusion as you have here. This lot is up to no good for sure. It is obvious to me that the "save their lives" is bullshit. They planned the sale this way all along & pay up to 4 x less for them before being sold under false pretenses!