Here's Your Sign

Here’s a picture of a poor headless horse wearing a sign.  We must admit we wondered why he was missing his head, but quickly concluded that message wasn’t about the horse at all.  It was about the sign the poor horse had hanging around his neck like a noose. 

Here’s what it says:

I was owned by a kill buyer.  A caring group of woman came together to save my life.  A group of woman didn’t want anybody to help me at the kill buyer.  What group of woman do you want on your side?

Rowan was pulled from the clutches of Bruce Rotz.  We are happy for Rowan. Hopefully he has gone to a carefully vetted and responsible, loving home.  We love a happy ending.

Of course, there was a little shrapnel along the way.  Rowan was probably bought for a small amount of money, which Kelly Smith and Bruce Rotz likely marked up significantly so they could both get their cut of the “save.”

Rowan was likely unable to be shipped for one reason or another.  Perhaps he is blind, perhaps he has open facial wound, perhaps his paperwork states he’s had Bute.  There are many reasons a horse won’t pass muster for shipping.  A vet must sign off on each horse that gets put on a slaughter truck.

An undercover source that frequents the auctions has noted that Bruce Rotz’s buying patterns have changed the last few months.  Reportedly in the past he only bought shippable horses.  However since Fall of 2012 he started buying unshippable horses.  Coincidence?

Almost unbelievably, Rotz has three different groups collecting funds for his “program” horses now.  His new and increased buying pattern has come about because of these marketing groups.  He’s found a whole new way of making money through the foolishness and greed of self-dubbed rescuers.

And a hearty YES, there is a group of woman and men who want to see these marketing groups stop partnering with meat men.  

A real rescuer would have out-bid this scum bag at the auction instead of putting a dime in his pocket.  A real rescuer would have taken this poor boy home, rehabbed and evaluated him, given him training he requires and made sure he was a good match with the family who eventually adopted him.

Instead, this opportunistic woman waited until the horses was in the arms of death, then swooped in pretending to be an angel of mercy as she and Bruce figured out how much to mark this one up.

Here’s a direct quote from Kelly Smith regarding the Rotzs:  “They make the family out to be horrible people but they’re not.”  Yes, that’s a quote by a woman who runs a horse rescue talking about a guy who sells horses for their meat.


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