This Horse Was Never Going to Ship to Slaughter

Just look at this poor horse and your heart bleeds.  Then you read further and find out his eye and penis are both cancerous.  The prognosis is grim.  The eye and penis problem were obvious from the moment the rescuer's laid eyes on him.  (see pics and commentary below)

We are happy he is in better hands than he was.  They say they will euthanize him before his pain is unbearable.

They "bailed" this horse from Bruce Rotz.

Yes, Bruce who always used to buy meat horses.  Waayall, as they say down south, this ain't no meat horse. And the eye and penis issue was obvious to Rotz from the minute he laid eyes on him, too.

Bruce saw an opportunity.  

As For The Love Of Sophie notes, neither of Rotz's other two "programs" was interested in helping this horse.

The bottom line is once again, Rotzy gets the last laugh.  He just sold an unsellable horse.

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  1. When will people wake up and realize that these brokers are buying a whole new type of horse to sell to their marketing programs? Horses that simply cannot ship?