You Be The Judge - Camp Horses or Meat Horses?

Is it Possible that Camp Horses Are Being Sold as Horses Going to Slaughter?

In view of certain commenters, to include Renee Koroly of EOTL Horse Placement (and her ardent supporters), who claims to purchase horses directly from the KB, let’s explore the very murky waters of horse rescues and brokers and their relationships. 

We’ve all heard the obvious “The truck is coming!” “This horse is going to slaughter!” “He’s owned by a KB and needs to fill his load!” which of course creates the drama and scrambling to open the pocketbooks in the name of the big “save.” And all of us are aware of the fact that any horse could end up at auction, including champions, a fact that this page will not dispute. But let’s just say that the person on whose property the horses are featured, who owns a large amount of horses and continues to keep buying for the purposes of their business—which is NOT horse slaughter—and then disposes of them after use to whomever will buy them, who may or may not be the KB—doesn’t that make them a dealer, rather than the true “killbuyer?” And if so, wouldn’t that make the broker claiming to rescue them actually dealing from a dealer, rather than the KB they claim to be supporting in order to save the horses? 

Let’s take a look at the name of Rebecca Caye, who in a 2002 online was cited for having two horses several hundred pounds underweight in what the Humane Officer called the “worst case of neglect I have ever seen.” 

 Caye is the co-owner of a place called Pleasant Valley Stables, and claims to rehabilitate horses and sell them after “saving them from slaughter.” (There’s that damned catchphrase again.) The other 45 horses on that 88 acres were in relatively good shape, and the two cases of neglect were boarded at a place in Cranberry Township called Paradise Equine Rescue and Youth Ministry, which at some point in time appeared to be called Garden of Eden Stables. Please keep in mind that Rebecca’s practices are not in question here—rather, it is the rather questionable claims of a certain broker in PA (EOTL) who claims to be purchasing directly from the KB.

Looking up Rebecca’s locations where she does business include 564 Barkley Rd, Harmony, Pa (since these are businesses, their locations are easily found on Google and a matter of public record, for those of you who seek to report this article.) She is also the founder of a company called Moraine Trails LLC , and the address is listed 1796 Barkley Rd Portersville, Pa. (Funnily enough, Moraine State Park’s address is 225 Pleasant Valley Rd, and the listing address is of Moraine Traills, LLC is 1796 Barkley Rd, strikingly similar to the Barkley Rd address offered up by Pleasant Valley stables. She is also the owner/operator of Pleasant Valley Stables, where she offers guided trail rides. Ads on her page state “Camp horses will be back this weekend 70+ to choose from for sale or free lease prices start at $200! Dont forget to ask about our lease with option to buy program, also have several available for adoption!!!!!!! Pictures coming soon!!!!!!!!!!” So now we have connections to both Cranberry Township and Harmony/Portersville, Pa. Keep those locations in mind, because they will prove important. 

Interesting ad that I just found while googling the phone number of Pleasant Valley Stables...The ad has since been deleted so posting it is irrelevant. Placed August 12, 2012. CAMP HORSES

Date: August 16, 2012
Location: Portersville,  Pittsburgh , 
Phone: (724) 368-3917

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They are back! Still about 50 to pick from, mares, geldings, all makes and models. Prices start at $300.00. We also offer a free lease program-take the horse home now and if you decide you like him pay for him in April! Please call for details and to make an appointment at (724)368-3917 Googling that number leads back to an Albert Caye.

A photo on Renee Koroly’s Fb page:

This is an ad for Chandler whose name, it turns out, was listed on another page as Harry, whom Renee states is located in Portersville, Pa –and then states that he is going to auction next Friday, which would sort of be odd if the horse were definitely bound for slaughter, wouldn’t it? How is this any different from Christy’s “resale,” pen or Camelot’s? Other interesting comments on the page include where someone questions Harry’s name, stating that they saw him on another page under another name. One of the former admins/founders of the EOTL page, Nicole Velin Shaw, confirms that is indeed the same horse as Harry, but with no explanation why the horse was listed on a different site under a different name.

Take a look at this picturesque photo on the Pleasant Valley Stables page, with the kudzu lovingly adorning the back end of that building wall. Also note the surrounding countryside, with the dirt roads and the fenceline. 

Now take a look at these pictures, one from the EOTL placement page with the caption, “SHIPS MONDAY !! 18-20yr old 15.1 hand Qh type gelding , quiet- neck reins seems sound, he is a dream to ride fee is $175.00 Please help this boy get his forever home.” 

As well as this cute mare. 

The buildings looks strikingly similar, don’t they, complete to the ivy/kudzu growing at the back of the building?  I note this disclaimer about even if they are not shipping direct then they came from auction, it’s a killbuyer’s holding pen, yada yada yada…all the typical fare that gets the horse angels salivating to open up their pocketbooks. 

But is it really a kill buyer’s holding pen, or is this a woman (who is not listed on any killbuyer’s site, interestingly enough) who uses these horses in a business and then resells them through a horse broker claiming to buy directly from a kill buyer? 

You be the judge. Enjoy taking a step into the murky world of brokers who claim to be buying from killbuyers and maybe you can understand the questions that arise.


  1. well I got a Mini from them not only did she have an action sicker she also had an USDA sicker on her butt.
    We also got one yearling and a 6 year old not broke. I stand by them that the horses at EOTL are KB horses.

  2. Just because a horse has a USDA sticker on does not mean it's been approved to ship. First of all, two different vets have to examine the horse. Second, the horse may get rejected after the tag is on. And third, it just might be a ploy to pull on heart strings and open wallets!

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    1. This post is untrue. They do slaughter minis, donkeys etc. Kill buyers put them on the trailer for "added weight." When you cross the border into Mexico and Canada they weigh the truck and trailer horses and all not each individual animal . They are sold by the pound just like every other horse, big or small.