Non-Profit Has Broker License and Selling Horses That Are In No Danger of Shipping

RULES FOR A RESALE HORSE: AC4H Broker Horses Can you bail her ? She is resale horse so if you can't direct bail her, you need to pay half of bail price first before you can fundraise for the balance to get her off the kill pen lot. Send me copy of receipt to TNason324@comcast.net The sooner she gets off this lot, the better.

A host of questions abound over this horse that AC4H is selling on behalf of Brian Moore.  Just for starters, she is a “resale horse.”  That means she is not in any danger of going to slaughter.  Yet comments are made about getting her off the kill pen lot, which many people will probably misinterpret.

Agreed on the statement the sooner she gets off the lot, the better.  Moore’s farm is horse hell and there’s no telling what she’s already been exposed to.

And what’s up with the statement if you want to fundraise for her you have to pay half the bail upfront?  First of all, it’s not “bail” it’s a “for sale” horse!

One of the commenter’s on a FB page even said Moore offered her the horse for $500 when she was on his farm.  Now doesn’t Christy always say he won’t deal with the public?  Could that possibly be a slight twist on the truth?

Denise Kuremsky haha i rode that mare when i was up at brian moores place, haha not worth 1100 and not what he was offering it to me at. I coulda had the mare for $500.

Another hot news flash for those who are still drinking the Koolaid.  The minis and ponies are not going to ship.  Moore is too savvy of a business man to waste room on his trucks with these tiny equines.  Come on folks, use your common sense!  You are being taken advantage of by a pair of horse hustlers!

So despite the FBI forcing their way into the house and removing phones, hard drives, and boxes and boxes of files, Another Chance 4 Horses continues to dance on the edge.  They have acquired a broker’s license to sell horses.  But how can a non-profit ethically or legally sell horses for a for-profit business?  Particularly one that sends horses to slaughter in Canada?

This isn’t rescue.  It’s greed driven exploitation of horses for profit, pure and simple.

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  1. If you want to save a horse from going to slaughter...hook up your trailer and head on down to the nearest auction and bid on one or two and keep them from falling into the wrong hands and being further exploited for money & greed. You can also adopt from a reputable rescue.... in turn this will free up space for more horses in need of rescue/rehabilitation and adoption.