Omega - Kelly Smith - And Bruce Rotz Partner on Small Pregnant Shetland Pony

She who refers to herself as Omega is at it again.   Here we have a thin, senior pony that is going to be sent to slaughter if not saved for a mere $410, plus fees.  Registered and in foal; papers in hand.
Yep, pregnant, thin, tiny and they are going to load her on a truck with other meat horses and ship her all the way from Pennsylvania to Mexico.  What are the odds she would make it there alive?  None to none comes to mind.  What meat man would waste his time on this pony?  Forgive me, pony lovers everywhere, but there is no meat on this equine and no one in their right mind is going to ship it.

Any rescuer with half a heart would take this tiny, pregnant pony in, especially one with a big fancy barn, paid barn help and a wealthy benefactor.  But I digress.
Warning - graphic words:  If this pony was loaded with other horses she would be stepped on and killed.  There would be blood everywhere.  Other horses would fall and get trampled.  Bones would be broken, horses dead and dying and useless to the meat man.  It would be a complete fiasco and this isn't Bruce Rotz's first rodeo, as they say. (end of graphic words)
The picture will however, and apparently did, tug at some heart strings and the cash was “ponied” up.  Kelly Smith and Bruce Rotz laughed all the way to the bank.

This is what was posted on her page: 
 I have been accused of making tons of money and making the kill buyer rich. Fact: I see the kill sheets  and I know how much these horses have sold for at slaughter.  YES, the horses I am helping are horses that would ship otherwise. The person I deal with has contracts in Canada and Mexico (Mexcio accepts anything in any condition with the exception of a horse having ticks on it). It has been stated that for every horse I save the kill buyer enough money to go buy 4 more healthy horses for slaughter. You do the math. Here is an example: The Kill Buyer pays $425 for 12 yr old 15:3 hand standardbred gelding. The price I am given is $525 plus $37 for a coggins and health cert. For $100 he makes our agreement is that he would donate $25. back to Omega. 
(anyone who would like to see the screen shot of this comment is more than welcome.)
Wouldn't you be so proud to tell the world a scum of the earth kill buyer is donating to your rescue?
So following the math logic, I guess Rotz paid $310 for this tiny pony at auction.  If it wasn't so pathetically unbelievable we could perhaps laugh uncomfortably.
And I guess this one didn't have ticks on it.

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  1. Your argument is very logical. I see posts from Omega all the time and I hope that they are not scamming, but this DOES make one think.